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Brent Blakely

-- CrossFit Level 2
-- Ma Strength Seminar 2015
-- Ma Strength Seminar 2016
-- Ma Strength Weightlifting Camp 2015
-- Ma Strength Weightlifting Camp 2016
-- The Movement Fix Workshop

I have over 5 years of coaching, personal training, and competing experience. My main goal for anyone who walks into Thrice is to better the human body with functional movements, so that we are better equipped to take care of our bodies and reach our genetic potential. This June I completed a second year of the Ma Strength program in China.

Joel Sauter

-- CrossFit Level 1
-- The Movement Fix Workshop

I found CrossFit, literally, by accident. Fitness and health have always been important to me. In the past I've focused primarily on diet/nutrition and found my exercise working as a general contractor. It wasn't until I happened into a gym while living in Hawaii that I realized what I was missing all these years. Crossfit has not only generated new drive in my personal training goals, but also in my desire to help and guide others to theirs. There's so much this sport has to offer and I look forward soaking in as much as I can in the years to come and sharing what I learn with everyone who walks through our doors.

Kimberly Young

-- CrossFit Level 1
-- Ma Strength Seminar
-- NASM Personal Trainer

I discovered CrossFit over 5 years ago and it changed my life. It has sparked a desire to help others succeed and see what they are capable of. As a mom with no sports background other than high school it was incredible to see what my body was capable of. I strive to encourage and inspire that same amazement from the competitive to the deconditioned athlete. This fall I will recieve my CPT through NASM.