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  • The coaches at CrossFit Thrice work hard to make CrossFit safe, fun, rewarding, and challenging. As a PT and CrossFitter, I believe the key to avoiding injuries is through great coaching, programming, and understanding where each athelete's fitness level is at. Attentive coaching is a must. Research shows that CrossFit done correctly is one of the most potent training stimuli you can engage in. At CrossFit Thrice you get that and more!

  • CrossFit is all about the coaching and the community and CrossFit Thrice is the best gym in Bend! The coaches emphasize form and mechanics and make sure that workouts are scaled appropriately for every athlete. Everyone is challenged, from the beginner to the competitor and the community is amazing!

  • We couldn't be happier anywhere else. Thrice is a supportive family in and out of the box. The coaches are about perfect form and helping you achieve your physical goals in an atmosphere that's welcoming and close, serious, and funny, and truly a place for all types of individuals - the athletic and not-so athletic.

    Jason and Michelle
  • I met with Brent and was very impressed with his vision of fitness. What I think stood out the most was the attention to proper warm-up before beginning the workout. Fast forward 7 months. As I start to round the corner of 48 years old, I am the strongest I have ever been in my life. I also have the cardio capacity to rival many of the fellow members half my age. Most important though is that I have remained 100% injury free.

  • We love how CrossFit Thrice is for our entire family. CF3 focuses on technique, education, and a friendly atmosphere where we leave with more than just a workout.

    Ronnie and Kim
  • It doesn't matter your athletic level: athlete or someone like me without any sports background, you will find a supportive environment at Thrice to help you either stay on the road of physical health or start that path. My motto is to "just show up" and do what the coaches tell me to do. I know they have my back and will either appropriately challenge me or scale a workout to my ability. Thrice is my CrossFit home. This is where I feel empowered.

  • I had been a crossfit skeptic for years. I had always enjoyed my daily gym routine for as long as i can remember, but from the moment I walked into Thrice, I instantly felt challenged like I had never felt before. I felt like I had so much to learn as an athlete. I felt humbled yet incredibly empowered. Over the last year at Thrice, I have gained much more than I ever expected... I have an amazing community of support, a renewed excitement for fitness, and a passion for CrossFit.

  • The classes are small, maximum nine people. I have the same two coaches every time which makes it very personal. I am not lost in the crowd. They encourage me to do my best. Correct body form in doing the weightlifting is a MSUT before you move onto weights. They geniuinely care about the poeple they are coaching and I feel encouragement also from the other CrossFitters. The coaches personnalize the workout for me because of past injuries I have had in my life. I feel 62 years young!!!

  • CrossFit Thrice is the benchmark for what CrossFit training should be. All of the coaches are extremely attentive, knowledgable, and passionate about the sport and each of their clients. You will be pushed hard physically and mentally but the workouts are always properly scaled to your ability and injury prevention is always in the forefront. Any bad CrossFit reputations are crushed in this gym. Love my Thrice!

  • CrossFit has been the first sport where I actually see and feel results, and it's because Thrice offers the best program. Programming is always varied and well rounded in strength, conditioning, mobility, mechanics, and gymnastics. You are sure to get a good workout and still have time to work on areas of weakness. There is such a high emphasis placed on performing proper technique and safe lifting ability too. The coaches take that extra time needed to demonstrate each movement clearly.

  • CrossFit is a community but CF3 is a community inside CrossFit. I have CrossFitting for 3.5 years and have an extended family here at Thrice. We are a community of moms, dads, professionals, and teends all with different agendas on our fitness. I am a competitor and love that I can still get my specific programming in all while laughing and feeling a part of the daily WOD.

  • Thank you CrossFit Thrice for the opportunity to train with amazing, supportive, and encouraging staff, not to mention the new friends I've gained from each class who are so warm and compassionate. Mobility is one of the top attributes I've experienced at your box. You emphasize and make a priority full body mobility to achieve being functionally fit. Each of the coaches have a unique ability and special technique to bring out in you so you don't get just one perspective.

  • I started at Thrice in December 2014. The coaches at Thrice are awesome! So awesome that my wife has since joined and my son is going to start soon. The coaches push you to be your best and everyone there is very encouraging. Joining Thrice was one of the best decisions I've made. I'm well on my way to achieveming my fitness goals thanks to the great people at Thrice.